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Confiscated! May 8, 2007

Filed under: Confiscated — jenhammaker @ 6:08 am

This evening, I was informed that it was against school policy to have a blog.

I’m currently validating this information.

Until then, I have temporarily removed all posts that I have written about actually attending school. (My firsts two posts are about what happened before I started school.)

I’ll continue to update you all here regarding theremin related activites outside of school . . .




4 Responses to “Confiscated!”

  1. Jon B Says:

    Oh, man, how ridiculous. Is this common among our institutions of higher learning?

    If you do confirm this, you should keep blogging with private posts. Then you can de-privatize them when you graduate!

  2. Natasha Says:

    What??? that’s crazy time!

  3. omhoge Says:

    Jeese-oh-petes! I’m very surprised.
    That’s a real pitty.
    Hope you can still write emails to us about it.
    Does this also mean no posting about your schooling et. al. on TW?

    If you can email and have time, I’d still be very interested to know the technique materials and rep. you are studying.

    What a bummer, but still pulling for you.
    Good luck!

  4. Randy Says:

    I hope you get your blog back up. I just found it today and was very interested in reading about your theremin major adventures. I loved the story from the first two posts.


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